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Embroidered Apparel

Needle and Print can embroidery anything from hats to shirts!


  • As small as 1" square up to 15" by 20" in size

  • Handkerchiefs to Table Cloths for trade shows

  • Utilizing polyester thread that will not shrink

  • Variety of colors available today

  • Bring your own garment or let us help you select one from our vendors

  • Discounts available for larger quantities

T-Shirt Design

Do you have a logo already? Perhaps you just need it modified or updated.

Needle and Print can help work with you to choose the right font and color scheme for your perfect t-shirt design.


Heat Transfer

Needle and Print owns an exclusive system that utilizes vibrant high-quality color on specialized paper that can then be heat transferred to any garment of your choice.


Heat transfer can be used on any material from poly blends to 100% cotton. Almost any garment choice will work with this system and will last up to 50 washes.


Small batches are perfect for the Heat Transfer machine with a minimum order quantity of one.

Formats we can use:​

  • BMP (Windows Bitmap)

  • JPG (JPEG)

  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

  • GIF (GIF Bitmap)

  • TIF (Tagged Image File)



Currently offering 1 1/4" buttons, custom printed to your specification.

Quick turn on button orders within 24 - 48 hours.

Green Cactus Stickers
vinyl cutting

Vinyl is a great option to make images pop! Vinyl can be applied to mugs, cups, wood or other items.

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